In 2008, a family stepped off the plane in the United States and began their new life. Soon after, another family came. And another. And another.

In 2010, I (Aubrey) began working with a weekly homework club with the kids, which has morphed into so much more.

Since then, I've seen five students graduate, while others are anywhere from PreK-12th grade in the school system. In my unofficial role as home-school liaison for these families, I have seen a wide spectrum of educators, but one common thread ties them together: most feel unprepared and unsure about how to meet the unique needs of refugee students. Thus, the idea for this website was born.

The kids are kids, just like any other. But some simple awareness and a few things to watch out for can mean a world of difference to them and their families. My hope is that I can pass on a few things I have learned that can make life a little bit easier for refugee and migrant students all across the world.