How can you communicate with a family who speaks a different language than you?

When talking about communication, remember that you are not only dealing with a language difference, but cultural differences as well. How does the family prefer to communicate? Are they literate in their language? Is written communication challenging for them? In their culture, do they prefer verbal communication - in-person or on the phone? Are there guidelines in their culture about women talking to men, or children talking to adults? Being aware of these possible pitfalls can lead to better communication and partnership.

While speaking across languages, be sure to take advantage of the myriad of resources that are out there! When possible, live interpretation (whether through an official school interpreter, a family friend, or even an older child) will probably be the best. If that is not an option, technology can help! Google Translate, in particular, offers options to translate over 100 languages, including a "voice mode" on the app which allows for real-time conversation!"

Need more help figuring out Google Translate? Check out the support center for step-by-step directions on your device!