Do you know what home life is like for your student(s)?

Every student has a different story and home life, and refugee students are no different. However, there are some commonalities that we can look for and questions we can ask:

-Are students living with their families, friends, or both?

-If they are living with family, is it just their immediate family, or extended family as well?

-Do they have family members living elsewhere?

-How many people are they living with?

-Who are they sharing a room with? Are they able to get sleep at night?

-Who makes the food in their household? Are they able to get food when they are hungry?

-Who takes care of them, or who do they take care of, when they go home?

-Who is the driver in the family? Or how do they get around?

-Who translates for the family? How do they manage situations where they need translation (medical appointments, etc.)?

Knowing that your 1st grade student lives in a 3-bedroom apartment with 9 other people and shares a bedroom with 4 older siblings/friends or that your 5th grade student isn't sure if there will be food at home might certainly give you insight into their actions at school, creating a better learning environment for all!

Parents & family members are huge part of a student's home life. Watch this video to learn more about what a parent may have experienced, and how it may be affecting the entire family.